Exotic cats are ideal pets. You will look at their "baby face" only with affection, admiration and adoration. They are peaceful, accurate "teddy bears". They are imperturbable,  and it is difficult to put them out of temper. The Exotic cats are not fussy, self-confident and extremely kind – and these are a couple of the numerous positive traits of our cats.
As these cats impress you as calm teddy-bears, they are, as well, are very lively, and not passive at all.
From the Persians these cats have taken mild demeanor, and from the shorthaired ancestors they’ve taken their liveliness and cheerfulness.
Each cat of this breed is a person with a stand-out character, capable to stand for itself. Female Exotic cats are perfect mothers. They perfectly look after kittens and when playful age comes, they play with kittens with pleasure. Their character doesn’t change with years, and they stay active even when they get old.
Exotic cats make very good pets and loyal companions, as they are usually relaxed, confident and affectionate like their longhaired cousins, although they tend to be a little livelier as they are more curious and playful. They have a very gentle nature and enjoy curling up on a lap, and generally this breed is naturally very people-orientated. However, they are not demanding in the way that many of the shorthaired breeds can be, and also have very quiet voices although they rarely meow. They are happy to integrate with other family pets, and don't like to be left alone. They will appreciate having a feline companion, but one of a similar disposition rather than one of the more extrovert breeds. They will appreciate some gentle sound if their owners are out, such as a radio tuned to a station with speech rather than music. Their calm nature makes them an idea choice for people living in an apartment, as they tend to relate more to their humans than to their environment. When people call for a pet kitten, they almost always ask for a female, thinking that a girl will be sweeter and more loving.
Exotic cats are, in general, more affectionate than females. Females can be somewhat more aloof. They always seem to have more important things to do than cuddle with their owner. Exoti cats stay playful as adults and bring pleasure for many years. All things considered, the Exotic cat is a wonderful addition to any family. Adorable to look at, peaceful and clean what more could you ask for the perfect pet.

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